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North Indian Cuisine - 100% Desi

Basmati Express is an authentic rendering of North Indian cuisine – and great value. Spices are authentic and pounded by the restaurant central kitchen employees to add more flavours and authenticity. We use Kaju & Magaz for  yellow gravies which give you a soothing effect for your stomach and healthy.


Our reputation hinges on its exemplary renditions of straightforward Desi cooking methodologies especially its bowls of authentically spiced curry and Dawaat XXL 3 year aged Basmati Rice. Paneer Tikka Masala or Methi Chicken  is a sublime choice.


All our food is gluten free and no artificial enhancers used while cooking and suit for all ages.


Levels: a single chilli icon on the menu is to be taken seriously; more than two is for the brave.

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